About Knap

Knap: Clever in Dutch.

Pronounced: K (hard k) NUPP.

Who am I?

I am a digital marketing freelancer partnering with small businesses to provide you with the best digital marketing services.

I understand the struggles of small businesses – running everything from customer service to social media to building your own websites.

That was the starting power behind Knap Marketing.

What I Value

Small Business

Innovative Ideas


Being Human


When I was little I watched my parents start multiple businesses and I always wanted to do the same. I wanted to build something from the ground up and see it grow into something more. That was my driving force for starting my own small businesses and for finally starting Knap.

~ Marianne

Marianne sitting behind a desk with laptop in front

Meet the woman behind Knap – Marianne

Like many people, I started my first small business during one of the Covid-19 lockdowns. I made affirmation jars by hand from home and marketed them on Instagram and Facebook. Thus began my journey into social media marketing.

While still working full-time as a high school teacher and trying to learn how to grow on social media and go “viral”, I began doing small/free online courses to learn more about social media for my small business.

Like many small business owners, I realised how difficult it was, how many hours it took to make posts that got only one or two likes, and that I now needed to schedule in time to make reels on top of my already long to-do list.

Taking the skills I learned from my small start-up I began my second small business offering social media and email marketing as a Virtual Assistant to business owners in New Zealand, Singapore and the USA.

In 2022 I decided to upskill and now holds a Diploma in Digital Marketing.