Email Marketing for Revised Edition

Revised Edition are product and food photographers creating unique and innovative photos for New Zealand businesses. My task is to create fortnightly email marketing campaigns to attract clients within the food and beverage industries.


Revised Edition


No email marketing


Fortnightly email campaigns

Creatively designed email marketing

When you work with a creative business your email marketing needs to fit their brand and creative style.

Before working with Revised Edition they did not have any consistent email marketing campaigns. Their founder was doing all the marketing herself and needed support.

That is where I came in. Working with the brief from Nikki, I create beautiful fortnightly emails.

Each email includes:

  • unique photography to showcase their work
  • how they help businesses through product photography
  • call to actions
  • images and links to highlight their portfolio of work
Tablet and phone showing email marketing examples

Open Rate:


Click Rate:


Phone template with email marketing example shown
Phone template with email marketing example shown

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